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Jim O’Neill mints

December 14, 2010
Brics Flags

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Jim O’Neill, chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, economist  and their rock starlooks at the global economy of 2036.

The man who coined the term Bric has, in my opinion, manufactured another acronym. In an interview with The Economist he speaks of MINTs ie, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey.

All four countries are part of Mr O’Neill’s next eleven (not bad for a football fan). In his view, the MINTs will be Bric-like in 20 years.  Nigeria’s chance being a long shot, but a likely surprise. If we sort out the usual suspects.

Going forward, look out for  for a potpourri of acronyms trying to capture the emerging, emerging markets of this world. Some see Eagles soaring where Civets fail to thread. Some others are piling Cement. Mind you there’s bric-a-brac (or if you wish Brici-a-Braca) about whether Indonesia or the African continent should join the club. South Africa is lobbying to be the “s” in Brics (How about Bricza or Bricsa?).  Yes sir!

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