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Are you MAD – Making A Difference?

October 14, 2010

Young tech savvy Nigerians are brainstorming this weekend. Rather than whine, they are MAD! Hear one of them, Oluniyi Ajao, says:

“One of the most convenient things to do in life is to complain/blame/criticize others for their action or inaction when things go wrong. The poor governance prevalent in our part of the world gives one a lot to complain about. With democracy slowly gaining ground in Nigeria however, the next phase of agitation should not be merely complaining about bad leaders, but taking part actively in the electoral process in a bid to ensure only the right calibre of people are voted into office.”

The list of attendees is impressive. Though you can’t attend physically (invitations have closed) you can attend digitally (#NigeriaDecides).

An organised grassroots network  using information technology is as disruptive as it gets. A well honed message using social networks can drive an agenda of change, a whole new politics. The power is in your finger tips: tweet, text, type and inked-thumb.

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