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For the love of life

September 9, 2010

Check out this article (“The population problem is a bogeyman”). It’s heartening that Nigerians are seeing through the over-population myth. If you have the time read the executive summary of this BCG report: The Internet’s New Billion. If numbers speak for themselves, why in the world are we not committed to promoting lifeliberty and marriage? Clash of civilizations or orthodoxies?

In the pursuit of “progress” we risk neglecting its ingredients: human beings (fruits of marriage between man and woman) who autonomously seek solutions to problems. Innovation thrives when people connect. Well-trained and educated people through social networks are an important factor in the social, economic and political development of the world. The more people, the merrier. The Brazilian agriculture miracle offers the way forward on how to feed the world. A “Rational Optimist” argues that science and people will help avert a climate disaster, and that by 2110 food from less farmland will feed a bigger population well and better. (The rational optimist is putting his money where his mouth is by “giving roughly half of the advance royalty received for [his] book to three charities that are helping those in need, especially in Africa, to trade, farm and innovate.”)

Don’t be dulled by the gloom, look on the brighter side. Support the culture of life.

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