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Goldman Sachs rules Naija OK*

September 8, 2010

As conspiracy theories go, Goldman Sachs runs things all over the world. I’m no worrywart. Goldman Sachs’ almost legendary record speaks for itself. Little wonder its alumni have gone on to be finance minsters, Wold Bank chiefs etc. In America: Hank Paulson, former treasury secretary; Chile: Felipe Larrain, finance minister; and Nigeria: Segun Aganga, finance minister (as well as one of his special assistants) and now Mustapha Chike Obimanaging director of AMCON.

Jim O’Neill, Goldman Sach’s chief economist (and a Man Utd fan) coined the acronym BRICs and Next 11 (Nigeria belongs to this group). O’Neill’s blurb for the book “BRICs and Beyond” reads:

Nigeria is one country that deserves special mention, and is certainly a country that has captured my attention. With a population close to three times that of South Africa, Nigeria’s ability to deliver on our ‘dream’ could be vital for the whole African continent. Let’s hope the government’s slogan, ‘Top 20 by 2020’, materialises; if so, we are in for an exciting second decade of the new millennium.

PS: Goldman Sachs is one of six financial consultants that have bid to package PHCN for privatisation

* Segun Aganga’s name was linked to an article by Kaye Whiteman, a columnist with BusinessDay , after this post was written

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