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Dora: The minister who dared

February 8, 2010

If you make it too risky for ministers to act in the national interest, then they may not act on time. A whistle blower might never blow a whistle, if he will be publicly identified and accused of disloyalty. Atedo Peterside in an open letter to the Executive Council of the Federation  (12th Jan 2010)

Dora stood up. A woman blew the whistle revealing, in corporate governance parlance, a systemic fault:

They occur when the number of entities involved in a malfunctioning system are relatively large. There may be a large potential gain for the group as a whole from collective action, but there is insufficient incentive for individual action… The groups’ individual incentives and conflicts of interest have proved impossible to overcome by what were essentially appeals for more enlightened behaviour without effective sanctions. Robert A G Monks and Allen Sykes

Or was it a case of  ‘a few rotten apples’: four Kastina boys, under the spell of our first lady Macbeth, holding the country to ransom? Dora says ‘I just got tired of the whole thing.’ Some young professional ministers have vowed to either ‘resolve or dissolve’ (whatever that means) come Wednesday 10th Feb. I wonder, I just wonder…

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